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Sacramento International Airport (SMF)

Not bad, but some Gemini vibes here with the two sides...

Current Grade: B- (Nov 2018)

Arrival. It's big, it's bright and clean, the amenities are so-so. A-.

Departure: There are two terminals, and I had a bit of a traumatic experience at one of them. I think it was Terminal B, but it was a full two years ago now as I write this from November 2020 and who can say - we have been through a lot since then.

But what happened was: I arrived at my normal 60 minutes before takeoff. It's a small airport, I figured. Yes... BUT. The line for security was all the way back to the parking garage. I took a deep breath and got in line. Surely it will move quickly. Surely I won't miss my flight.

Well, I did not miss my flight. But it was close. Like, sprinting-down-the-terminal, boarding-door SHUT despair, wait a second they changed my gate and I didn't know because I was in a security line a mile long, quick quick it's 16 mins to takeoff I'm two gates away type of close.

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