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about the reviews

Never blindly book a connection again.

I'm Jaema.  I live in New York City and I travel fairly often for work and for fun. When I travel for work I'm most often flying solo, so to speak, and I started reviewing airports on my Instagram story in spring 2018 after a particularly terrible journey from Vancouver to New York, scheduled to connect through Toronto that actually went through Dallas, an airport hotel, Houston, Philadelphia, Amtrak, Penn Station, and finally home* to Brooklyn.

That first review was really a way to cope with the anxiety and utter lack of control that comes with air travel.  Gradually, the reviews stuck, and it has become my favorite way to stay present, entertained, and connected while I'm away from home.  I started keeping track, and friends started asking me my thoughts on their itineraries and comparing stories, and it was time to consolidate the reviews.  Here we are.

Reviews are based on some consistent categories:

  • layout & signage

  • amenities

  • efficiency of security and customs

  • restroom placement

You'll see these categories throughout, but what I'm really looking for is what's unique about the airport.  

Welcome aboard.  Please put your tray tables up and ensure your seat is in the full upright position.  

*There was one more wrinkle, here's the full story.

the original review list

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