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Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU)

It's a well-designed airport, big-enough and less hectic than Charlotte (an American Airlines hub).

American Airlines, departure only

Current Grade: B+ (June 2018)

I was at this airport as part of a 4-airport marathon kind of day. I gave American a hard FAIL for their technical support and customer service online or in person. I spoke to a B+ guy on the phone though. Good on you, phone guy.

Great use of natural light, and one of the most efficient arrive-security-get-to-gate setups. A. Amenities were rough, biggest complaint on bathroom placement… we had to walk a shockingly long way to find one. C. I was with family so we could watch the suitcases as a pack while we dispatched explorers to find the restrooms. What if I had a health problem? Or a toddler? Overall… B+

Nice light, far away restrooms.

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