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Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Worst airport terminal in the NYC metro area, and that's saying something.

Terminal A (AirCanada, JetBlue, and others)

Current Grade: D (January 2020)

Listen. No one wants to fly through this terminal. Literally no one. People who moved away from New York years ago will do anything -- connections, longer travel time -- to avoid it. I, however, deeply value a direct flight and this terminal is home to the only daytime direct flights between New York and Vancouver. My most common leg. It's painful. I'm here all the time.

Why is it terrible? The security line feels inexplicably insecure (especially when pre-check is closed), the planes are too big for the gate waiting area so everyone has to stand around on top of each other, there's a Boar's Head and a Hudson News kiosk and a Ben & Jerry's cart. KIOSK. CART. But none of those things really matter because the grade is already sunk by the time you are picking up your Smartwater Sparkling and Mentos.

There are porta-potties.

Need I say more?! Avoid. AVOID! Unless you have to fly to western Canada often. Then... commiserate with me anytime.

However: Terminal C is much better. Feels like JFK T4. B+.


Review History

Average Grade: C-

Worst Grade: F (2019)


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