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Montréal-Trudeau International Airport (YUL)

Some of the clearest signage in airportdom.

Hub for AirCanada, Canada-to-US-connection

Current Grade: A* (March 2020)

This high grade is a controversial opinion and many of the people who disagree with me are Québécois or Ontarians which, you know, they would know. However, this reviewer is *entirely objective* and therefore I grade on my personal experiences only. What I see with my own eyes. Law of small numbers. (None of us are perfect.)

And I have only been to YUL once, on an early morning connection from a redeye flight from the west coast, and honestly, I had a great time.

The standout think about this airport to me is the signage. It's clear, well-placed, and goes one step beyond helpful to actually being thoughtful, reminding passengers about amenities, keeping you on the right track, and ensuring you get to your gate with what you need. And of course everything is both in English and en Français. Which is just more fun than one language.

The only con for me was that I found Global Entry to be a bit confusing, but still fast, and that is up there with the most first-world-problems of all so we'll just let that go.

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