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LaGuardia International Airport (LGA)

Famously called "third world" and now under a $4 billion renovation. Closest airport to my home but I'd still prioritize JFK even with the $70 cab ride.

Delta & American Airlines hub.

Overall tip: Check your actual terminal. Don't rely on the gate! Many a traveler (and me once) have made that mistake and ended up in a cab going around the circle again to get to the right terminal...

Terminal A (JetBlue)

Current Grade: A- (June 2019)

Tiny, out of the way (Marine Terminal), efficient and almost... cute? Amenities are limited but you can get a coffee (Dunkin') or a snack. At the time of this visit it was my favorite LGA experience.

Terminal B (American, United, Southwest, AirCanada)

Current Grade: A- (March 2020 - yeah, I know.)

March 2020 was an arrival, and surprisingly it wasn't my last flight for the year. In fact, the first caption on the video was "still not prepared for this ever" and wow the things in 2020 I wasn't prepared for... At least it was a good arrival (until I tried to actually go home).

Departures.... Wow. After a botched travel day at Newark the day before, I made my way to Terminal B, the main LaGuardia Terminal, and the first one to be fully renovated in my ten years in New York City. It was summer 2019. And honestly... I was pretty impressed. It's huge, bright, airy, and there are great amenity options. Altoids are like $9, but hey, that's NYC?

P.S. I'm 88% sure that this terminal is the one that kicked off the concept of airport reviews. When my husband or I would get to the airport and end up in the dingy, no-light terminal with the Au Bon Pain, we'd text each other to commiserate. Once I sent him a SnapChat of just that Au Bon Pain with no explanation. He got it. So then I started doing this and by chance (and prioritizing Delta) I never got to review that dingy old terminal. It lives on in our hearts forever but can't say we miss it.

Terminal C (Delta, Delta Shuttle, Westjet, Frontier, ... also Spirit but we don't do that.)

Current Grade: B- (July 2019)

There's a food court in terminal C that has actual options for you, like Artichoke Pizza and some sit-down tables, and self-checkout. I appreciate a stop here when I need it, but it's not exactly best-in-class. It's a try.

Terminal C is a frequent early-morning stop for me, and it's great for that (like Terminal D below). It's convenient, fairly reliable, and you know, fine. Which is kind of what I want at the crack of dawn. Also note: Terminal C is a good drop-off if you are in Terminal D for departures but actually want to eat something. Be prepared for a walk though...

Terminal D (Delta)

Current Grade: B- (May 2019)

Terminal D is really the same as C. Security is reliable and fast, especially with pre-check or Clear. No amenities to speak of, but I'd honestly take a 6am Delta flight out of here any day.

Grading History

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