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Boston Logan International Airport (BOS)

Historically rich American city. Really easier to drive from New York but sometimes JetBlue makes it worth it (financially and time-wise, incredibly).

Hub for JetBlue, Delta, and everyone flies there. Arrival and Departure and one time I connected there but that was pre-review. (It was fine.)

Current Grade: B+ (June 2019)

Logan is totally fine. Amenties aren't what's we'd call luxurious but they're kind of quirky and that works for me (what's a Kid Port?). It's a bummer because it's a secondary hub for so many airlines so it's very impacted by weather down the coast.

Also one time I composed a poem here after a flight delay on our 6th flight out of 9 in like two weeks.

Review History

June 2019 was really quite a journey
  • B+ Arrival

    • A- Departure

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